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From pre-production to post-production

Need help with a voice over for a commercial, specially written music or voices for a web film in 30 languages? Contact us. For over 25 years, we have helped our customers with voice and sound design on thousands of productions. At TMP we can manage an entire project from pre-production to post-production or any part of the process. Below you can read more about our production steps and how we can help you achieve success with your sound.


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How to book our voices

1. Go to voicebank.

2. Use the search bar or filter tool to find voices.

3. Listen and add your favourites to a playlist by clicking on the 'add to playlist icon.'

4. Send your playlist to us to ask for a quick quote.

Or, contact us directly for personal and free casting.

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Before recording – pre-production and voice-over script translations

Will your film be used in several markets? TMP can localize and adapt productions to fit each market. We do large and small multi-language projects daily. Our experienced translators expertly translate voice-over scripts so they work in local markets in more ways than one.

For example, did you know Finnish is 40% longer than Swedish? A Finnish voice-over script would take longer to read if not adapted to replace a Swedish scene. 

To make recordings in several languages, we have two options: Make the film as long as the “longest” language so “shorter” language versions easily fit or shoot a “shorter” language version and adapt “longer” language scripts to fit. Questions about adaptations? Please contact us. TMP copywriters are ready now to help write and adapt your scripts.


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Casting of voices

No time to find a voice? Ask us for casting suggestions and benefit from over 25 years of experience. It’s the fastest way to give you and your clients the most relevant voice options. 

To choose a voice you can either search through our versatile voice bank yourself or contact us directly for personal and cost-free voice casting. Our project leaders will gladly help and send you suggestions.  

Got time to explore? Searching our voice bank at is simple and fun.  Use the free-text search or use the filtering on the left to refine your search results. Easily create a playlist to distribute to your clients and colleagues. Then press the quote request – it’s the quick and easy way to ask for a price quote.

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Recording of voices

When you find your voice artist, we’ll book time* for a recording session in one of our studios. At the recording session everything comes together. Your script comes to life as an experienced TMP sound producer directs your voice talent to make sure the tonality is correct and your message is clear. 

You are most welcome to join us in our studios for the session or you can call in to participate LIVE via Skype or Source Connect. Through participation and collaboration in the creative process you can offer direction to make sure the end result meets your expectations.

Together with our talented voice artists and our experienced directors, TMP delivers something extra. We know how to find the subtle variations and moods to create feelings and evoke thoughts for your listeners. 

*One hour of studio time is included in our offer for recordings of shorter projects. 

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Do you want help with the sound design of a whole film, or just simple audio editing? At TMP we can do your entire project from pre-production to post-production or any part of the process.

Our audio producers make sure that your audio production sounds as good as possible for each type of media. We help edit, add sound effects, sync, dub to film, mix and master recordings – all for optimal audio. We can also create subtitles and replace text in picture.

At TMP, we love audio. With over 25 years of industry experience, and thousands of productions, our customers love our audio, too. 

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Delivery of audio files

At TMP, we meet customers’ deadlines. Always. Of course, delivery times vary depending on the project but we often complete a voice-over production in most languages within 24-48 hours.

After every recording session we deliver your audio files in your format of choice and according to the specifications for your project’s eventual use. 

Your audio files can be delivered securely. As a customer you get a unique login password to download your audio production. We can also upload radio and TV-spots via Peach, Adstream, Spotgate, IMD, etc.


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