TMP audio production

TMP is an audio production company with state-of-the-art recording studios in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden. We produce audio projects in all forms with voices, sound effects and music. 

We create audio for TV, radio, web movies, you name it. Do you want help with a soundtrack for an entire film or just simple audio editing? At TMP we can do an entire project from pre-production to post-production or any part of the process. We have a smooth workflow (synchronization is in our blood) and our experienced project managers handle every project with care.

At TMP, we love audio. With over 25 years of industry experience, and thousands of productions, our customers love our audio, too. 

Our producers make sure your audio production sounds as good as possible, both technically and emotionally, for any type of media. We edit audio, add sound effects, sync, dub to film, mix and master recordings – all to deliver optimal audio for your production. What’s more, our experienced, talented producers, writers and composers create sound designs and write music that convey emotions and connect with listeners.

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Soundtrack & voice-over recording
for film

Nothing is hotter right now than mobile media. That means a film can be published in a variety of formats and distributed to a variety of channels – each with its own technical specifications and local language. This places great demands on us audio producers to understand how to tailor-make audio for a film's distribution and success.

Good thing we are experts in format-adapted audio. The trend is clear: more and more voice recordings are made in different languages and dialects. AT TMP we have the voices to create international soundtracks daily. And making audio sound as good as possible – for any media format and for audiences anywhere – is our expertise. 


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How does your brand sound?

Make your message more effective with a sound signature or specially written music for your brand. We create sound identities and sound logos in all genres that listeners remember and relate to emotionally.

Based on your creative brief, we produce “scratch-track” suggestions for how your brand might express itself in sound. The creative process is collaborative and rewarding. After you choose your favorite track, we further develop it, finish it and deliver a toolbox with your unique sound identity in different formats and lengths.

A clear sound identity accentuates your brand’s message and increases the impact of any campaign. Talk to us about creating your sound identity. With over 25 years of experience, we know how.

Sound logos by TMP

La Redoute
Sector Alarm
Taxi Kurir Rock

On location – audio recording in the field

TMP goes the extra mile to record your sync-sound audio as it happens. We can ensure the sound quality of your film so you can concentrate on the action.

Making sure that location recordings are captured correctly and sound good during a film shoot is extremely important. No one wants to have to “fix it in post.” Get it right from the start with TMP and you’ll have good sound to work with during post production. 

Films are more authentic when audio details and performances are captured when they originate. When we record sound in the field, we can capture dialogue, interviews, podcasts or environmental sounds and sound effects. With the latest equipment and a network of experienced sound technicians, we can guarantee the highest possible quality.

We record sound on site for customers such as ICA, Lync, H&M, Volvo, Skanska and others. If you take care of the picture, we will take care of the sound. Everything will be outstanding.