Localization of audio production

At TMP we adapt audio productions to different markets linguistically and dialectally. We call this process localization. 

Localization is the process of adapting your product or content to a specific market and target group. There are special requirements for successful localization. In order to get maximum effect, we first need to find the perfect voice and adapt your scripts for each different language. 

With more than 25 years of industry experience. TMP knows how to localize your message for all types of media formats, in all the world's languages. We take care of the entire process from translation of scripts to casting and recording of voices. We can also add subtitles and edit in graphics. By using our localization services, you can more effectively connect to your various target groups with customized audio productions that speak to them.

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Localize to maximize

By locally adapting your audio production for specific markets, you ensure that your content speaks directly to your target audiences in that locale. When an adapted production feels authentic to the listener, it’s easier for your target group to relate to your brand. It’s the best way to maximize your message.  With more than 25 years of industry experience. TMP know how to project and protect your brand’s voice with localized messages for all types of media formats, in all the world's languages. 

Our localization process starts with finding the right voice to represent your brand's identity. Search our voice bank for your brand’s voice.

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Localization Volvo Trucks

This project was recorded in 28 languages for Volvo Trucks. Client: Zoetrop.
Here are a few language versions.

Localization Tui

Recorded in Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish.

Localization Libresse

Recorded in Danish, Finnish and Swedish