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Over the past 25 years, we have thoughtfully assembled a stable of world-class professional voice artists for our voice bank. Whether you need a speaker’s voice for your how-to film or a character actor to deliver your brand’s message, TMP Voices have the range. Search our voice bank for an entire world of different languages, dialects, characters and reading styles. Easily create playlists and submit a quote request. We respond quickly and can deliver within 24-48 hours.

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TMP Voices is part of TMP Audio Post Production with 13 professional audio studios.
Our experienced voice artists, directors, audio producers, copywriters and engineers work together with you to deliver optimal audio for every production.


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What is a voice over?

When you see a film and hear a voice but don’t see the speaker, that’s a voice over, or voice over film. A voice over can be a narrator, a voice actor, a speaker, voice artist, voice talent, a character voice or a guy named Bob. TMP Voices have them all: The people who thoughtfully read your texts and bring your messages to life. In our voice bank, we have over 3000 world-class voices who are specialists in TV advertising, audio books, radio advertising, educational materials, cartoons, computer games, and more. We have an entire world of voices with different characteristics and reading styles, languages and dialects. 

Search our voice bank to find the voice that best fits your project. Search freely or use the filters to narrow down your search results. Listen in our voice bank. Download your favorite voice samples. Create and share a playlist. Ask us for personal casting help. We’ve done casting for all kinds of productions. We’re always ready to help you find your perfect cast of voices. When your voice is selected, it’s easy to book a recording session with us in one of our 13 studios.

Voice recording

You made it. After all the preparations, rewrites and approvals you now have a script to record. Congratulations. We know the creative process can be a struggle so we’re extremely sensitive to the journey that brought you to this critical step: the voice recording session. You’ll be glad you chose TMP. Our expert session producers have the best gear and have mastered the recording techniques that make sure everything sounds perfect. 

We start by going through your script together. We – your TMP session producer, yourself (perhaps along with a member of your team as well as your client on the phone) and the voice talent, all discuss the way to read the script so that your message is clear. 
In the completely silent studio environment, we start recording.

With your voice talent in an isolated booth, your TMP session producer is able to direct them from the control room while checking with you to make sure we are all on the right track. Is the message clear? Does the performance have the right tone? How is the timing? Does the recording fit the film? Which take do you like best?

We have many years of experience in recording voices. Contact us, we will be happy to tell you more about voice recording and how your project produced by TMP can captivate listeners. 

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