TMP Sound studios

Come visit our audio studios in Gothenburg and Stockholm, Sweden. TMP has nine professional recording booths with seven control rooms equipped with the latest technology. We use world-class Neuman microphones and Focusrite pre-amps to record and Genelec monitors for playback. Our audio producers record using industry standard ProTools HD along with SourceConnect or Session Link programs for remote recordings.


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Our recording studios are perfectly equipped to handle voice and music recordings, audio editing, foley work and for mixing 5.1 cinema surround. We compose and record music of all kinds: everything from acoustic instruments to solo singers and large choirs.
Take TMP on location. Our field recordings and “away game” on-site production expertise can save time and money. With the latest equipment and a network of experienced sound producers, we guarantee the highest possible sound quality. Secure file transfers have never been more important. We deliver all finished files via our secure FTP where you can easily download your files with your own protected login.









Till Röstbanken


1. Find the right voice to convey your message and your brand’s personality. TMP voice casting services are ready to help, too. 

2. Time your voice script to make sure it’s the length you need. Read your text aloud to get an approximate time. If the text is to be read in several versions, keep in mind that different languages take different lengths of time to read.

3. Brief us. A clear creative brief is indispensable for expressing both your message and the voice of your brand.

4. Speak up. Your input is valuable and welcome. Whether in studio or remotely, you can offer direction and suggestions to ensure you get the results you need.

5. Let us know how and where your recording will be used. Different uses require different audio formats. TMP delivers top-quality format-adapted sound the world over.


Please come visit and say hello.
We are located at Kyrkogatan 4, Gothenburg and Gästrikegatan 9, Stockholm.