5 tips to succeed with your voice recording!

Since you have found our site, chances are you are planning a voice recording; maybe a speaker for film, radio advertising, or for a podcast? Or maybe you want to find voice actors in many different languages? Below we have summarised five tips that can lift your production!


1. Choose the right voice over!

Different voice actors have different specialties! Someone is great at reading information, another is good at reading audiobook or voice over for advertising. Listen to the votes in our voting bank, create playlists or save the voice samples you think sounds good. You can also ask us directly, we will be happy to provide tips! Together we can find a voice actor who reads your text with just the right feeling.


2. Make sure that the voice script is well prepared before the recording session

Before it's time for recording; check the text an extra time and read the text aloud! Feel free to ask a colleague to listen and comment. For example, applies to a voice over to a movie; is it possible to read the amount of text at the appointed time? Or does it sound rushed? Sample the script and take the time; but read aloud; it takes longer!


3. Have a common plan for how the voice actor should sound 

Agree with everyone involved - before it's time to record! Have a dialogue with the client, the scriptwriter, the project manager and everyone else, about what it is you want out of the recording and how the end result should sound! That means you can avoid many problems! Can you find an example on the web that has the same feeling you are striving for? Anything that makes it easy to understand what you mean is gold worth!

4. Participate in the recording session in the sound studio

It happens that you discover things that need to be changed in the text when you hear a professional speaker reading the text out loud. Being able to make flying changes and record alternatives can be absolutely crucial for the end result. So, take the chance to join the session. If you are unable to attend one of our audio studios, you can listen by phone or Skype, for example.


5. Evaluate the sound production and recording process

Work long term - like a professional! Follow up the production for a while afterwards. Think about it; was everything you thought possible? Was it something you could have improved? Or why not ask your customers and employees what they think? See your productions from a longer perspective and surpass yourself every time you make a sound recording!


Time to get started!

We hope that you've gotten some tips along the way and that you are now ready to prepare your voice recording! Or does it feel like the question marks have become more? Contact us and tell us your plans and we will help you take the next step towards a successful voice recording. We have long experience of recording audio, voice over to film, podcast, audiobooks, radio advertising… well, everything that has to do with sound. We can help you with every step; from the idea itself and every step up to a well-crafted professional sound production.

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