Conditions and requirements/Membership

1. Become a VIP voice, means that you accept our rates, (VO´s for commercial use, like TV and radio ads is not included, here we always ask you to quote) As a VIP voice, TMP will always promote your voice first to our clients.

2. Or become an "all other voices", this means you can upload your normal ratecard, voicesamples and all necessary info.

Upload Voice Samples
Like a character in a Game, or Radio Theater. Allowed extensions: mp3
Radio or TV-ads with music and the whole audio mix. Allowed extensions: mp3
Informative reading/e-learning - Without any background music. Allowed extensions: mp3
We want you to upload three different voicesamples as described below, preferrable 30-60 seconds long. Please use samples with as good soundquality as possible, if the quality is poor we will reject the samples.
Additional Sample Information
Language of the voice sample. Please use the English name of the language. Ie: Swedish or German.
Voice Type
Enter information that you think is important for us to know, for example any kind of accents, midatlantic etc. Studio equipment; soundproof both, type of mic etc. Availability: only available for recording in the afternoons etc.
Personal Information
For all members of TMP Voices it´s required to approve the NDA and also publish a link to tmpvoices from their own websites. It can be as a textlink in a blog, or you can download logo/picture saying you are a member of tmpvoices. You publish this on your website including a link.