How it works - 6 easy steps


6 steps from idea to completed delivery

1.    Choose voices yourself, or give us a call +46 (0) 200 727 277  for personal casting.

2.    Fill out the “get a quote” form as thoroughly as possible and submit it to us, or call us directly.

3.    You will receive a quick quote and a preliminary timetable fro us within a few hours.

4.    Book via email or phone, go through the script and specify special requests.

5.    Recording, editing and quality control.

6.    Secure delivery via our FTP site. 




More detailed description

TMP Voices offer a wide selection of professional voices in our voice bank.

Start listening yourself and choose your favorite voices or contact us directly for personal casting. In our voice tool you can make quick playlists, download voice samples and forward playlists to colleagues.

Another option is to fill out the form “get a quote”. The more specific you are, the better we can assist you when calculationg on quotes and starting up your audio project.

Information that is important to us is:
- Voice type and number of voices you are interested in.
- Clarified target audience and purpose of your project.

- A word count.
- Specified usage rights -how and where the audio production will be used.

If you’ve already found the voices you want and have created a playlist with them, then attach it. Do you allready have a final script? Great, attach it too. 

Our turnaround time is 24-48 hours. However, this can vary depending on the scope of the project. Naturally, a TV commercial with three male voices in 18 languages will take longer than one with a solo female voice.

Before recording, we will discuss how you want your script read and the desired tone of the final production. Our audio producers are skilled and experienced directors, and if you want to sit in, either in our studio, via Skype/phone, or on a session link, that is possible too. 

Tell us what you need, and we will make sure it happens in the best way possible.

All deliveries take place via our FTP site, and we will give you a unique login for smooth, easy retrieval of your completed audio production.